Cornerstone SDS

Welcome to the Cornerstone SDS Client Portal

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Here you will find all the information, advice and support you need to make an informed decision about the best option for you, plan your care and support and manage it in whatever way you choose.

We can support you by providing:

  • Signposting to Social Work for Assessment

  • Support and information to enable you to choose the right Option for you

  • Assistance with enhancing your Support Plan and getting it approved by your Care Manager:

    • Finding out about the services and opportunities available to you

    • Deciding what kind of support you want, where and when you want it

    • Deciding who you want to provide your support

  • Support at reviews and meetings about your support


If you choose to take a Direct Payment we can also:

  • Assist you with the financial responsibilities of managing your Direct Payment:

    • Setting up a bank account

    • Engaging a payroll service with or without a managed account

  • Advise you about your responsibilities to report spending to the Council

  • Offer advice on the responsibilities of being an employer including:

Cornerstone SDS Launch

After delivering the Direct Payment Support Service successfully in Aberdeenshire for five years Cornerstone were successful in securing the contract for the Support Service for SDS. The service has now changed its name to Cornerstone SDS with a fresh new look for the coming years.

Direct Payments clients in Aberdeenshire will continue to receive the same support to manage their payments and arrange their support from a team which has grown and has a new dedicated manager.

Clients whose Advisor has changed as a result of the new members of the team have been contacted by letter

With the new name comes a new telephone number. If you wish to get in touch about anything at all please call the office on 01467 530 520 where the team will be happy to help.

Employment Law

Employers in Aberdeenshire are now able to access Employment Law advice and support from Empire HR.

This replaces previous arrangements with Peninsula Business Services. Employers do not need to do anything, all details have been transferred.

Should you need advice regarding any Employment Law matters please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Empire on 01224 701 383.

Self-Directed Support Scotland

The Self-Directed Support (SDS) strategy aims to ensure as many people as possible can choose how their funding for social care support is spent. This 10 year strategy, drawn up with the support of COSLA and stakeholders, aims to make self-directed support the mainstream route for funding of support services.

More information about Self-Directed Support in Scotland can be found on the Self-Directed Support page or at