Option 2 - Individual Service Fund

Option 2 is the second of four options for how you can receive support. It is more commonly referred to as an Individual Service Fund (ISF). An Individual Service Fund gives you the choice and control over your support without having to arrange care or manage money.


What is an Individual Service Fund?

An Individual Service Fund is where your money is held by the council or another provider and you choose how it is spent. Unlike Option 1, an ISF means you do not need to set up a separate bank account or keep track of how the money is spent. There will be several different providers who can hold your ISF for you. As the customer, you should compare each provider and choose the best for you.

Your Cornerstone SDS Advisor can help you look at your options.


Why would I want an Individual Service Fund?

Traditional support delivered by your council may not be best for you.

Individual Service Funds are for people who would like more choice over the support they receive.

There are a number of reasons for this:

- You want support that suits you and your lifestyle.

- You want support from the same people each time.

- You want a service that is not currently available.

- You want more independence and to be in charge of your own care.

- You do not want to manage a direct payment.